Affirming Healthcare

Needs Assessment

Completing a needs assessment is the first step towards making your healthcare facility a more inclusive space for LGBTQ patients and families. Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting, go over a brief questionnaire, and provide an initial assessment. 

Policy Assistance

Garden State Equality provides consultation on federal and state law as they relate to the healthcare industry and SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Gender Expression). We can share legal expertise in this area and help you develop and audit your policies. 


We offer trainings for clinicians and healthcare professionals on LGBTQ cultural competency, legal issues and policy. Topics include terminology, basics of sexual orientation and gender identity, LGBTQ patient walkthroughs/role playing with LGBTQ identities and building safe and affirming healthcare facilities. We tailor our presentations to address the needs of your facility.

Map and Expand Provider Survey and Website 

Research shows that potential LGBTQ patients are hesitant to access healthcare due to perceived lack of LGBTQ cultural competence. By taking our provider survey, we can help address the gaps in your healthcare facility. At the conclusion of the survey, you can sign up to be on our LGBTQ-affirming provider website.  

Other Speaking Engagements

Representatives from Garden State Equality are available to speak to healthcare professionals, as well as to patients and community members.

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