Education & Youth Development

Changemakers DEI Youth Leadership Initiative is open to incoming 10th through 12th graders across the state. Student delegates will participate in social justice workshops, create action plans, and build summer camp friendships to last a lifetime. Apply by July 1st!
Days of Change is an in school program where student driven workshops bring a diverse group into one room. We will develop a strong appreciation of our differences, and discuss how we can work toward bettering our communities through acceptance and relationship building.
Educators for Equality is a growing network of over 670 LGBTQ+ individuals and allies across New Jersey. This group connects educators who are seeking support, networking, and workshop opportunities to continue to create safe and inclusive spaces in schools.
The Youth Advisory Board is for students who are passionate about making change in their communities. Our Advisors play a pivotal role in informing, planning, and expanding our youth programs throughout the state of New Jersey. Apply for the next cohort in August!
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