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Garden State Equality’s team offers a variety of trainings and other services, including needs assessments, policy reviews, and speaking engagements.

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60-120 minutes
The increasing spate of suicides among LGBTQ+ teens, tweens, and young adults necessitates conversations about the harmful and potentially deadly effects of bullying, especially in its 21st-century incarnation of “cyberbullying”. This workshop provides youth-serving personnel with an overview of bullying, its forms, causes, and the emotional, mental, and physical health implications on LGBTQ youth. It concludes with strategies on how to create a supportive environment for all youth.
Research shows that including LGBTQ+ people and history in your lessons is the most effective way to change school climate. We will work with educators from your district to develop and pilot LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate and in line with current state and federal education standards.
Nearly all employers on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index have employee resource groups or diversity councils, and many of these groups are expanding. Whether your company is establishing or looking to develop an existing ERG, Garden State Equality can provide resources and information to help make your group a success.
30-60 minutes
This informal discussion is intended to create an introductory foundation for a variety of selected topics of the organization, which include but are not limited to: • Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities Terminology • Garden State Equality brief programming overview (ACES, Mental Health, Tobacco Cessation, Older Adults, etc) • Allyship, Policy, Resources, and more! Take the Needs Assessment today!
90-120 minutes
This module briefly reviews LGBTQ+ 101 terminology. The workshop begins by explaining the foundations of what an Ally is. We introduce the participants to statistics about the LGBTQ+ Community and the disadvantages the community faces. It continues to go in-depth on how you can better cultivate safe spaces as an Ally and how that looks for showing up for communities that are not your own.
90-120 minutes
This workshop will take a deep dive into how you can not only create inclusive policies for your LGBTQ+ employees but also how you can improve the policies that you currently have. Attendees will explore a basic overview of LGBTQ+ terminology, discuss what an LGBTQ+ inclusive policy consists of, review the laws that protect employees, and go beyond the employee handbook to take staff mental health into account in the workplace. This workshop is geared toward HR and Leadership staff, and all attendees should be prepared to bring their workplace policies to discuss and dissect with the Garden State Equality facilitators. Additional policy-creating sessions can be added to this training for further development at an additional fee.
90-120 minutes
This module focuses on cultural competency and helps organizations improve their services for the LGBTQ+ community (and other minority groups). It addresses the impact of privilege and power when accessing and receiving services. The workshop also includes multiple intersecting identities and intersectionality at play in the personal and professional realms, and how they impact the quality of services provided. It concludes with strategies on how to create safe, inclusive spaces for marginalized populations.
90-120 minutes
This module focuses on the difference between diversity and inclusion by unpacking the roots of bias that manifest consciously and unconsciously in decisions and behaviors. Participants will also explore the concept of a single story and how having a single story impacts how we interact with those we serve.
60-120 minutes
This workshop is intended for students and educational professionals. This workshop goes into detail about the New Jersey Law that protects both LGBTQ students and educators. Additionally, this workshop details which legislation is required in schools under the New Jersey law. We end the presentation with resources for both students and educators.
90-120 minutes
This module helps participants understand the basics of sexuality delineating the terms “lesbian”, “gay”, “bisexual”, “transgender”, “non-binary”, “and heterosexual” among others, as well as how these categories are defined. The workshop begins by explaining the basic stages of sexual development regarding the general physical, cognitive, and emotional milestones people undergo as they mature. It also details the four different components that makeup sexuality: chromosomal sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
90-120 minutes
LGBTQ+ 201: This module introduces participants to overlooked sexual identities and orientations such as "Asexual", "Sapiosexual'', "Demisexual'' etc. This workshop will focus on the science of gender identity, usage of pronouns, and the impact of heteronormativity and cis-normativity on the LGBTQ+ community, along with understanding laws and legislation that protect the LGBTQ+ community. This workshop also includes directions on the best practices in being an ally and creating inclusive environments.
90-120 minutes
Intended for social service, health providers, and other LGBTQ-serving health institutions. This module focuses on the social, mental, physical, and sexual health statistics in the LGBTQ community. It is aimed at making service providers aware of health issues disproportionately affecting the LGBTQ+ community and how your health institution can adopt more inclusive work practices.
Completing a needs assessment is the first step towards making your organization more inclusive to LGBTQ+ people. Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting, go over a brief questionnaire, and provide an initial assessment.
Garden State Equality can share legal expertise around sexual orientation and gender identity/expression and help you develop and audit local ordinances and policies, including nondiscrimination laws, inclusive municipal employment practices, municipal services for vulnerable communities, law enforcement practices, and LGBTQ+ leadership.
Garden State Equality provides consultation on federal and state law around sexual orientation and gender identity/expression as they relate to healthcare facilities, older adult care facilities, and schools. We can share legal expertise in this area and help you develop and audit your policies.
Representatives from Garden State Equality are available to speak to your employees and the communities you serve. We are also available to table at your events and to link your employees to volunteer opportunities in communities across the state.
90-120 minutes
This module moves participants through the various stages of prejudice from conditioning to life-threatening acts targeted toward multiple marginalized groups. Participants will explore their own experiences with prejudice and the impact it has had on their lives.
90-120 minutes
This module focuses specifically on transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. Participants will learn the terminology surrounding transgender identities, and will also become acquainted with the challenges faced by transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in work settings. Participants will also learn strategies to help create inclusive and affirming spaces for transgender and gender-creative individuals..
An affirmative equal opportunity/non-discrimination policy that addresses sexual orientation and gender identity/expression as protected characteristics with reference to employment practices offers a foundational means of promoting workplace diversity and equality. We will review current nondiscrimination and employee benefits policies to ensure they meet the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index standards and offer recommendations for improvement.

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