Damien Alan Lopez


Director of Training & Trans Resiliency

Damien Alan Lopez was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. A published Queer author, he is a proud transgender man with hopes to shift the conversation of transgender identities represented in children’s books and other mediums. His story has been recognized by First Lady Tammy Murphy of New Jersey, the 2021 dotCOMM Platinum Awards, El Vocero de Puerto Rico, and Thems Health 2021 Children’s Book Recommendation List.

He attended the Culinary Arts Institute at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City and completed his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey. Damien has excelled in his advocacy role since the publication of his Transgender Children’s Book “I Am a Prince”. He began his advocacy journey by fundraising for LGBTQ organizations fighting against anti-transgender laws in the United States and, donating gender-affirming chest binders to transgender youth across the world.

As an award-winning advocate, he has keynoted and facilitated conversations at local and national levels. Some notable organizations are the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, the New Jersey and NYC Bar Association, NJ Pride Center of Commerce, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Legal ONE, and the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. He is featured on NJ Spotlight News, Protecting Our Democracy with Sean Spiller, PBS, and NPR. He has been highlighted with his work on BookStar, “10 LGBTQ Books influencing young readers “ and Insider’s NJ Insider OUT 100: LGBTQ Power List.

He is passionate about transgender issues, education, and culinary arts!

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