Becky Dale


Self-Healing Communities Coach

“Becky Dale” is a process of becoming love and joy.  (“You,” too?  Maybe all of us?) 

Some of the components of this process, so far, include: partnering in learning about individual and collective trauma to co-creating healing in communities; composting experience, ideas, and interactions into music; collaborating with other beings and places to make community-engaged theater; practicing coaching skills like asking powerful questions, listening deeply, being open to windows of opportunity, accompanying another, conscious relationship, acknowledgment, accountability, opening to emergence, and more; Learning about and working/practicing to un-do white supremacy and all forms of domination and exclusion; parenting and learning from children; biking and hiking and canoeing in the woods; building cross-species relationships (a dog, birds, mice, butterflies, bees, plants, and more); recognizing and repairing harm done, allowing and metabolizing pain and hurt and grief; lots of up and down; letting go and letting come; experimenting with new economic and system models to build equity; and, practicing mindfulness meditation.  This process will likely continue to include many of these things.  

What else may it include? The possibilities are endless.

Becky works with individuals and groups, engaging the wisdom of all in shared leadership and co-learning. She is currently the Self-Healing Communities Coach for Garden State Equality in New Jersey and recently served as a consultant to the New Jersey Office of Resilience. From 2001-2020 she worked as the Chief Program Officer at Minnesota Communities Caring for Children where she oversaw community education and engagement work toward Understanding NEAR (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs and Resilience) and building self-healing communities.  Additionally, Becky provides education in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching for Community Resilience.  She is a company member with Wonderlust Productions where she writes music for community-engaged theater. Becky is a certified Transformation Coach and facilitates peer leader circles through Propel Nonprofits and independently. She is passionate about working for racial justice, environmental justice, liberation for all, and experimenting with new economic and system models that build equity.

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