Stephen Chukumba


Communities Healing Together Coach

Stephen Chukumba (he/him/his) is an activist, advocate, and accomplice to change, working to raise awareness about the myriad of issues impacting LGBTQ+ people and communities. 

A single father of four children, one of whom identifies as transgender, Stephen is raising and amplifying the voices, issues, and concerns of Black gender-expansive people and their families as a Black Youth Advocate and Ambassador of the National Black Justice Coalition. He is a member of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Parents for Transgender Equality Council

Stephen Chukumba is the father of Hobbes Chukumba, one of the four youth organizers of Trans Prom. This historic first event brought 100 trans youth and adults to the National Mall for a joyous moment of self-acceptance and a call to action for elected leaders to enact policy that provides safety and support. 

Stephen is featured in the Netflix documentary short, The Dads, directed by award-winning filmmaker Luchina Fisher and executive produced by Dwyane Wade. The film shares the stories of five dads accompanying Dennis Shepard, father of Matthew Shepard, on a fishing trip in Oklahoma to discuss their love, hopes, and fears for their trans children. 

A powerful voice in the documentary, Stephen is vocal and passionate about the intersectional challenges facing BIPOC transgender people, their families and the country. His compelling advocacy extends beyond the screen, as Stephen actively collaborates with community organizations, striving to foster empathy, drive meaningful change, and create a more inclusive society for everyone. 

Recognizing the virtual absence of the voice and experiences of Black fathers of LGBTQ+ children, Stephen has been involved with local, regional, and national activism and advocacy since his son invited him into his knowledge of self almost seven years ago. As a facilitator, speaker, and coach, Stephen works with BIPOC parents and parent groups to help them develop empathy for gender-expansive people. 

A trusted voice on issues of race, gender, and intersectionality, Stephen produces a podcast, the Parent Advocate. He is active on TikTok and other social media platforms, discussing issues including transgender inclusivity and his journey with his son. 

Stephen is an agile coach, helping businesses develop nimble approaches to deliver customer value. An alumni of Seton Hall Law School and Rutgers University (New Brunswick), Stephen lives in Trenton, New Jersey, with his children, Asha, Chima, Hobbes, and Fuji, and their cat Zero.

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