Trans Resiliency State Alliance

With a program called the Trans Resiliency State Alliance, Garden State Equality and community partners such as True2bU, Lola Olivia, NJCRI Project T.E.A, Transpirational, BRIDGES for Life are dedicated to fostering collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment within the transgender community across the state of New Jersey.

Pillars: Advocacy, Education, Community


Collaborate on advocacy efforts to promote policies that protect and advance the rights of transgender individuals in areas such as healthcare, employment, education, and housing.


Develop educational resources and initiatives to increase awareness and understanding of transgender identities, experiences, and issues among policymakers, the media, and the general public.


Facilitate networking opportunities, support groups, and community events to foster connections, provide resources, and promote resilience within the transgender community.

Interested in collaborating with us?
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