LGBTQ Law Enforcement Liaisons


Garden State Equality and its LGBTQ Law Enforcement Liaisons are committed to fostering positive relationships between the LGBTQ community and law enforcement agencies within the State of New Jersey.

Law enforcement’s relationship with the LGBTQ community has a long and troubled history, which is rife with abuse and discrimination. While much has changed since last century, many LGBTQ people still don’t feel safe around law enforcement, and many individuals—especially those within the transgender community—still face unequal, discriminatory, or abusive treatment from law enforcement.

To rebuild that bridge of trust, Garden State Equality founded LGBTQ Law Enforcement Liaisons, which is comprised of LGBTQ-identified law enforcement professionals from across the state.

The LGBTQ Law Enforcement Liaisons also advocate internally within the criminal justice system for LGBTQ community members who need help navigating law enforcement interactions. When Garden State Equality receives calls from individuals who have faced unequal, discriminatory, or abusive treatment during a law enforcement interaction, our LGBTQ Law Enforcements Liaisons advocate from the inside to ensure a fair and just outcome.

Additionally, the LGBTQ Law Enforcement Liaisons work within their own agencies to build affirming and inclusive workplace environments for other LGBTQ-identified officers.

Become a Member

If you are an LGBTQ-identified law enforcement member and are interested in becoming a member of Garden State Equality’s LGBTQ Law Enforcement or would like more information, please contact:

David D’Amico, Chief Investigator
Middlesex County Department of Corrections

Lt. John Hayes
New Jersey State Police