Last month, a vice principal at Neptune Middle School was filmed throwing beer at fellow diners at a restaurant in Smithville after his wife made loud, extensive transphobic remarks about another customer.

Three of the customers who filmed the incident and told the couple to “please take your hate elsewhere” have filed harassment complaints against the vice principal. In turn, he has filed harassment complaints against them. Both cases will be heard in the Galloway Township Municipal Court today.

“As we have stated before, this type of aggressive, hateful behavior has no place coming from a school administrator—someone who is tasked with ensuring the safety of all students,” said Christian Fuscarino, Executive Director of Garden State Equality. “We are glad to be working with the Neptune Township School District to provide training to help promote a safe environment for students, especially transgender students, but these actions are completely unacceptable. Instead of filing spurious charges against people he attacked, the vice principal must resign.”

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