Today we take an important step forward as a community and a state, with the opening of the first full service LGBT health clinic.

Robert Wood Johnson’s PROUD Family Health Clinic will serve ‘LGBTQIA’ individuals and families” providing access to the services we need in our home state.

RWJ recognizes that LGBT individuals have unique medical needs and they are committed to providing for those needs in a safe and supportive environment.

Prior to opening the PROUD Family Health Clinic RWJ established a partnership with Garden State Equality to ensure that staff receive ongoing training in both cultural and clinical competencies. 1 100 employees have been trained so far!

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The PROUD Family Health Clinic at RWJ Somerset will provide primary medical care for children and adults, hormone therapy and monitoring, HIV care, referrals for specialty services, health education and counseling, and support groups for LGBT individuals and their family members. Most major insurance plans are accepted, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Garden State Equality will continue to work with RWJ to ensure that our community is receiving the best care our state has to offer. We are developing specialized trainings on the needs of LGBT older adults and the needs of transgender individuals.

This is an amazing step towards lived equality for LGBT New Jerseyans, but the work does not end here.

RWJ’s clinic must serve as a model for other providers throughout the Garden State, so that access to quality care is available throughout New Jersey.

That is why Garden State Equality is building partnerships with other hospital systems, clinics, and providers, doing health policy and advocacy work, providing a comprehensive suite of trainings on LGBT health and wellness, and mapping culturally and clinically competent providers throughout the state of New Jersey.

This is what happens when Equality meets Health Care.

Thank you for making this possible,

Christian Fuscarino

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