TGNC Listening Session

In collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Child and Family Services' Division on Women, we are conducting a Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming (TGNC) Listening Session on how NJ can create safe spaces in the community for the queer community! This listening session is participatory as our main goal is to create a strategy to address community-level risks through environmental approaches. This event is free and open to the public, communities, agencies, organizations, or systems.  

We will address one (1) of the following community-level risks or protective factors
as it pertains to the TGNC community:
• Lack of institutional support from law enforcement and the judicial system;
• Community violence/general tolerance of violence within the community; or
• Coordination of services among community agencies

Please note this listening session is only for those who identify on the TGNC spectrum. Participants will be given a gift card for participating in the focus group.

This listening session is done in collaboration with the Rutgers University Trans Health (R.U.T.H) Program's Healthy Divas Intervention. A program developed by trans women for trans women living with HIV!

The address for the listening session is 30 Bergen Street, ADMC Building #6, Newark, NJ. Parking is available on the street.


Sorry, this event is sold out.