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Talking TIFF - About the Teaneck International Film Festival
With the support of the nonprofit organization Puffin Foundation, a small group of dedicated volunteers set out, more than a decade ago, to create an event that would present a collection of compelling and imaginative feature-length films, documentaries, and shorts from a variety of cultures that would lead audiences to question, debate, and become caring and involved citizens who recognize the need to institute positive change. TIFF has found its niche on the film festival circuit, and, having been dubbed by the Star-Ledger, “the film festival with a social conscience,” is growing in reputation as well as numbers.

This year, Garden State Equality is sponsoring two films:

The Coming Back Out Ball Movie

Directed by Sue Thomson

Description: This documentary follows a group of older LGBTI+ people, who have been invited to attend a ball celebrating their gender and sexual identity. Faced with the complexities of aging and isolation, these extraordinary people seize each day with determination and humor.

Sponsored by Garden State Equality; Reggie Van Lee
Talkback with Bianca Mayes, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Garden State Equality

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Love Wins

Directed by Robin Kampf

Description: Two 80-plus year old women fell in love and raised a family in suburban New Jersey in spite of a husband, Italian-Catholic guilt and the law. Now, after being together, living in the closet for 45 years, they got married and are now proud, flag-waving members of a social movement that has changed the course of the history of marriage.

Sponsored by Garden State Equality
Talkback with Robin Kampf, film director

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