Project Manager & Trainer

Josefina Manetta Ewins, a South Jersey native, holds a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University–Camden (‘22) with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy and a concentration in Legal Studies. She is participating in the Masters in Public Administration Program at Rutgers University–Camden, focusing on ensuring an equal and equitable community through policy and activism. During her time as an undergraduate, her primary focus was providing the uplifting marginalized communities on her campus. In terms of racial justice and advocacy, her focal point, Josefina was the lead student coordinator for the Bonner Civic Scholar project, which focused on transitional racial justice through oral history on the topic of policing and education systems within Camden, NJ, with hopes to bring power to the voices of the community. She looks forward to continuing this work during her graduate studies. 

Josefina had been recognized on her campus as one of the Remarkable 31 for being student-focused on the campus community in advancing gender equality in all its forms through scholarship, campus action, community and professional service, teaching, and creative work. This past year, Josefina was an Afro-Latinx Avanzando Lideres Fellow, focusing on bringing awareness to the Afro-Latinx community. Her focus was on the necessity of mental health resources for Afro-Latinx students due to mental health access disparities, which were further highlighted by COVID-19. Josefina has spoken on national and international panels, hosted by the AACU and the Council of Europe, respectively, regarding her civic engagement in Camden, NJ, throughout her undergraduate years. She believes deeply in uplifting community voices to understand what the space needs to flourish in the best capacity. 

Josefina is beginning her career as a Project Manager at Garden State Equality, an organization focused on providing quality, innovative community programs, educating and training service providers, and passing pro-equality policies to protect and meet the needs of LGBTQ New Jerseyans. She will centralize her efforts within Camden, New Jersey, where she can continue to give back to the community surrounding her alma mater. Josefina officially begins her graduate school journey in the Fall of 2022 and is an Eagleton Institute of Politics Graduate Fellow. She looks forward to a life of activism for marginalized communities and creating a space to amplify the voices of systemically oppressed groups. 

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