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Luanne Peterpaul's Send Off Event


ASBURY PARK - Friends, colleagues, and fellow political leaders flooded to Watermark in Asbury Park to honor former 501c4 Board Chair, Luanne Peterpaul, and helped raise $25,000 dollars for Garden State Equality (GSE) in her honor.

The evening kicked off with toasts to commemorate Peterpaul and her strides as an LGBT leader. Christian Fuscarino, GSE Executive Director, took the mic to both acknowledge Peterpaul’s dedication to GSE, and introduce other speakers including New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy.

Governor Murphy recognized Peterpaul by speaking about his past work with her and the positive effect it has had on the entire state of New Jersey.

“We’ve been [in New Jersey] now for twenty years meeting all sorts of advocacy groups, public servants, elected and appointed officials,” Said Governor Murphy. “I don’t know of anybody who’s poured her heart out, day in and day out, more than Luanne Peterpaul.”

His speech was followed by toasts from other attendees including Peterpaul’s wife, Robin Kampf, and Stand-Up Comedian, Judy Gold, all of whom highlighted peterpaul as a state champion for LGBT rights and equality.

Following the final toast was the portion of the night where guests were invited to give donations to GSE to honor Luanne’s time and dedication to the organization. The total of the gifts donated by attendees had helped GSE to reach a goal of $25,000.

The night closed out with guests mingling throughout the bar before saying their goodbyes to Peterpaul and thanking her for all the accomplishments she has made as a leader of LGBT advocacy and education.