Sign the Petition: Protect LGBTQ Seniors Now!

As COVID-19 sweeps across New Jersey, we need to protect LGBTQ and HIV+ seniors in longterm care facilities — now!

It's time for New Jersey to pass A680 / S1926 — the LGBTQ Older Adults Bill of Rights. This bill would provide specific, enumerated protections for LGBTQ and HIV+ seniors in longterm care facilities, so that they can get the critical healthcare they need right now.

Older adults are disproportionately at risk for COVID-19, and LGBTQ seniors face significant health disparities which only magnify those risks.

We have no time to waste. Sign our petition now and urge lawmakers to protect LGBTQ older adults in longterm care facilities.

Who's signing

Harriet Bernstein
Lauren Bosco
Patricia Falotico
Michael DeLucas
Samantha Dross
Chelsea Smith
Dr. Bern Hartman
Kim Peterman
Sharon Kelly
Mary Thompson
Laurie Powsner
George Hayes
Janet Rauscher
Roberto Valenzuela
Kathryn Maguire
Cynthia Cox
Jack Ebner
Tiffany Austin
David Butterworth
Meredith Greenberg
Beth Donald
Caroline Martini-Deacon
Leitner Daleen
Susan Lang
Marin Gordon
Malika McLaughlin
Gideon Aronoff
Mel Saggese
Stacy Schiller

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