LGBTQ older adults need us — now.

As COVID-19 sweeps across New Jersey and disproportionately harms older adults, we must act immediately to protect LGBTQ seniors and seniors living with HIV in longterm care facilities.

We don’t have a moment to waste. It's time for New Jersey to pass A680 / S1926 — the Bill of Rights for LGBTQ Older Adults.

Tell New Jersey lawmakers: pass the Bill of Rights for LGBTQ Older Adults! Click here to sign our petition.

This bill would provide specific, enumerated protections for LGBTQ seniors and seniors living with HIV in longterm care facilities — ensuring they are treated with dignity, respect, and without discrimination — so that they can get the critical healthcare they need right now.

We know that older adults are disproportionately at risk for COVID-19, and LGBTQ seniors face significant health disparities and barriers to healthcare which only magnifies those risks.

Stand with us today to protect our community’s elders. Sign our petition now and urge lawmakers to protect LGBTQ older adults in longterm care facilities.

Even with the current crisis our nation faces, I assure you that Garden State Equality will never slow down or stop fighting for New Jersey’s LGBTQ community. Together, we will overcome this moment, and we’ll be stronger for it.

Thanks for all you do. We hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

Christian Fuscarino
Executive Director
Garden State Equality Action Fund

PS – Our grassroots group “Elders for Equality” is organizing online with weekly meetings to stay connected and advance equality for older adults. Join our Facebook Group by clicking here and become a part of the conversation.