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Pledge and Protect

Garden State Equality and community partners are taking on one of the greatest civil rights challenges of our time: making sure health services actually meet the needs of LGBT people.

LGBT people need doctors, therapists, and other direct services like anybody else. Our health needs are an everyday part of our lives—and we’re not equal until we can be sure that when we go to a provider, that professional is sure to say the right things to us, ask the right questions, and provide us the comfort and care we need. LGBT organizations are forever putting together lists of LGBT sensitive providers—but we shouldn’t need to find our doctors on special lists.

With the Map and Expand LGBT Health Services in New Jersey project, we’re going to find the health service providers who treat us with the most respect, and literally map out where they are in the state. We’re going to get in touch with all of them, and—doctors, therapists, other direct service providers, and activists working together—figure out what policy changes and advocacy efforts we need to make sure all health service providers treat us with respect.


Programming for Older Adult Providers

Needs Assessment
Garden State Equality is developing a needs assessment for the LGBT older adult population that will be administered throughout the state of New Jersey.

Policy Assistance
Garden State Equality provides consultation on federal and state law as they relate to healthcare and SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Gender Expression). We can share legal expertise in this area and help you audit your policies.

Assistance with Forms
We can help you create an LGBT-affirming and inclusive space by: updating organizational forms and policies for LGBT patients, reviewing techniques to modify procedures, behavior, and language to be inclusive.

Professional Development Training
We offer training on LGBT cultural and clinical competency, legal issues and policy. Topics include terminology, basics of sexual orientation and gender identity, identifying health disparities, removing barriers to healthcare services, and improving health outcomes. We offer training for older adult providers including health care providers, long-term care facilities, and etc.

Know Your Rights Training
Many older LGBT adults have experienced a lifetime of discrimination and harassment. This training is dedicated to teaching LGBT older adults to have the tools necessary to advocate for their rights in housing, accessibility, healthcare, and employment.

Other Speaking Engagements
Representatives from Garden State Equality are available to speak to older adult providers, as well as community members.