Sign the Petition: Ban the "Panic" Defense

The NJ Assembly will consider legislation to ban the gay and trans “panic” defense.

The “panic” defense is a legal strategy which asks a jury to find that a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity is to blame for the defendant’s violent reaction — including murder — and it’s still legal in New Jersey to do so.

Sign our petition now and tell lawmakers to ban the gay and trans “panic” defense, and we'll hand deliver it!

Who's signing

Abbie Patrick
Angelina Fischkelta
Lissette Hockenbury
Michael Bailey
Patricia Bustamante
Mary Cruz
Gevonder DuPree
Stephanie Salters
Nancy Darschewski
Janet Larson
Gerald Lyons
Susan Walden
Carol McGough
Madeleine Polymeropoulos
Bryan Gomez
Pearl Wong
Claire DeHart
David Green
Justice Torres
Tawana Williams
Peter Gagnon
Lindsay Froelich
David Singh
Dino Portelli
The Rev. Fr. William Riley
Thomas Zucker
Zane Khan
Max Laffend
Chris Romano
eli trakhtenberg

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