Gov. Murphy signs “panic” defense ban!

Friend, we did it. Governor Murphy just signed our bill to ban the gay+trans “panic” defense, making New Jersey the 9th state in the nation to outlaw this discriminatory legal malpractice!

Up until today, murderers had a legal strategy in their pocket allowing them to put the blame on an LGBTQ person for their violent, deadly crime. But no more. Not in the Garden State.

Thanks to members like you, we’re off to a blistering start in 2020. Gov. Murphy signed a law streamlining gender marker changes for drivers licenses (plus, adding a nonbinary gender marker!), and last week, he signed a landmark bill to simplify adoptions for LGBTQ parents. Now, the "panic" defense is banned once and for all.

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In this year’s legislative session, we’ll be fighting for so much more. With your help, we plan to:

  • Pass a bill of rights for LGBTQ older adults living in long-term care.
  • Make HIV-prevention drugs such as PrEP/PEP available over-the-counter without a prescription.
  • Reform New Jersey’s archaic and outdated HIV criminalization laws.
  • Mandate sexual orientation and gender identity data collection across state agencies.
  • Secure state funding for homeless LGBTQ youth.
  • Ban medically unnecessary surgical treatment for newborns with intersex conditions.

While the Trump-Pence administration is rolling back our rights day after day, you can count on New Jersey to protect you and keep moving equality forward.

Thanks for being a member of Garden State Equality.

Jon Oliveira
Director of Communications & Membership
Garden State Equality

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