LGBTQ-Inclusive Paid Family Leave in New Jersey

No one should have to choose between the people they love and the job they need, and now in New Jersey, you won’t have to.

Last year, Governor Murphy signed landmark legislation to expand New Jersey’s paid family leave program with LGBTQ-inclusive protections!

Whether you're married or in a civil union — or not married at all — you can take time off to care for your partner, your closest loved ones, or your children.

With our partners at NJ Citizen Action and NJ Time to Care, we’re launching a public education campaign to let LGBTQ New Jerseyans know why this law is so critical to building a stronger, fairer New Jersey — and how they and their families will benefit.

If you or your family has ever needed to use paid family leave — or previously couldn’t or were afraid to — share your personal story with us! Click here to get started.

Compared to the general population, LGBTQ people are much more likely to need to take time off to care for a loved one to whom they’re not legally or biologically tied, and under this new law, you can.

This is an important step forward to ensuring that working LGBTQ families in New Jersey can protect and provide for the people they love. Help us spread by the word about LGBTQ-inclusive paid family leave by sharing your story with us today.

Thank you,

Alisha De Lorenzo
Interim Deputy Director
Garden State Equality

PS — For more information on New Jersey's paid family leave law, visit our resource center here.