Garden State Equality Endorses Mayor Pete

We will vote in the most important election of our lifetime this November.

As a nonpartisan organization, it is standing policy that Garden State Equality Action Fund does not endorse candidates during primaries. But in this election against Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the stakes couldn’t be higher, and choosing to endorse a candidate this cycle was not a decision we took lightly.

Over the last year, our board of directors has deliberated and studied the policies, public comments, and positions of each candidate who is running to defeat the Trump-Pence administration.

With a unanimous vote, Garden State Equality Action Fund is endorsing Mayor Pete for President of the United States.

Please join us in making history this November by saying you’re all in for Mayor Pete! Click here to add your name.

Mayor Pete’s visionary, robust agenda for LGBTQ equality perfectly aligns with Garden State Equality’s policy priorities for New Jersey and is the most detailed and innovative blueprint for advancing equality nationwide.

From reforming HIV criminalization laws to expanding access to HIV-prevention drugs like PrEP/PEP — in addition to ending the blanket ban on blood donation — Mayor Pete has put forward evidence-based solutions to fight stigma and end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030.

As hate crimes and violence against trans women of color increase nationwide, he’s committed to rebuilding the bridge of trust between law enforcement and our community with bias trainings for officers and strict enforcement of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

More importantly, Mayor Pete has put youth front-and-center in his agenda, including banning ‘conversion’ therapy nationwide, passing the LGBTQ Suicide Prevention Act, funding youth homelessness, and reinstating protections for transgender youth in schools that were callously rescinded by the Trump-Pence administration.

Make no mistake, Mayor Pete’s campaign is absolutely historic. He has thrown the doors of the closet wide open. Many in our community never would have imagined seeing an openly LGBTQ candidate come this close to the White House in our lifetimes, and because of his courage and bravery, the next generation of youth will know they are safe, free, and welcomed in this world.

Because of the current administration, America’s LGBTQ community is fighting back against a never-ending onslaught of discriminatory and divisive policies.

If you’re committed to defeating Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s anti-LGBTQ agenda and making history by electing Mayor Pete as the next President of the United States, add your name!

We're excited to see the strongest slate of pro-LGBTQ candidates of our lifetime running for President in 2020, but reclaiming the White House in November requires a leader who can reach voters in every corner of America with a message that inspires a broad coalition to protect and secure equality for all.

We firmly believe that person is Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Christian Fuscarino
Executive Director
Garden State Equality Action Fund