Hate: Causes, Crimes and Consequences

Hate crimes and bias incidents in our communities hurt not only the intended victims, but everyone around them as well. in 2017, at least 27 trans American lives were lost to hate-based violence. Members of the LGBTQ community continue to face increased violence around the country.

As we prepare for a month of celebrating identities and individuality, it's important to prepare for the uncomfortable, unsafe, and unwanted incidents of prejudice, bias, and stereotypes that may arise. Join Chhange, Garden State Equality, and Chief Investigator, David D'Amico, for a one-night workshop that will empower you to stand up against hate during pride month and throughout the entire year!

This workshop will include members of the LGBTQ Community and law enforcement from neighboring towns. Everyone is invited to attend and learn more about how bias crime impacts our communities!

For more information, please reach out to Kayvon Paul at paul@gardenstateequality.org