GSE Stands With Immigrants and Families

Garden State Equality stands in solidarity with all immigrants and their families, and against the Trump administration’s action of tearing children from their parents and prosecuting asylum seekers. The LGBT movement has long held that families belong together, and we know all too well that the demonization of one group of marginalized people leads quickly to the demonization of all. Dehumanizing immigrants as “animals” and speaking of them as “infesting our country” reminds us of the demonization of LGBT people as a “contagion”, as vectors for disease, etc.

While Garden State Equality stands with all immigrants regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, we also know that many immigrants and asylum seekers are also LGBT people, and seek asylum on that very basis. This administration’s blanket policy denying asylum to victims of domestic and gang violence leaves LGBT asylum seekers at great risk. The administration should get no credit for an executive order that does not even fix a problem of the administration’s own making. At Garden State Equality we really do care.