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LGBT Older Adults Focus Group

Garden State Equality has an initiative called Pledge and Protect that serves older LGBT adults throughout the state. We will be offering focus groups throughout New Jersey! What is a Focus Group? A focus group is a gathering of selected people who participate in planned discussions to gain information on participant opinions and feelings. Focus groups will help all of us better understand the unique needs and challenges of the older LGBT adult community. These focus groups are an essential part of developing a quality needs assessment which we will distribute statewide in the future. 

We are looking for anyone age 55 and older that identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender!

Please be advised that this focus group will be recorded but the discussion will be anonymous. The recordings will be sent to Monmouth University and transcribed word for word and then destroyed. The transcribed notes of the focus group will contain information that will allow for individual subjects to be linked to specific statements. Participants will be given a pseudonym in order to protect each individual's identity.

Your participation in this focus group is voluntary. If at any time you do not feel comfortable with any of the questions asked during the discussion, we want you to know that you don't have to answer the questions and if you wish, you can simply refuse to participate further.

Join our 90-minute focus groups, we will be offering free dinner and snacks! There are multiple dates, times and locations. When enrolling online, you will have the choice of picking a focus group near you! 


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We can provide reasonable modifications for people with disabilities upon request. Please contact Bianca Mayes: or call (973)509-5428. 



In collaboration with GAMMC, Coral Harbor, SAGE Jersey City, Rutgers Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Union County Office of LGBTQ Services, Living Waters Lutheran Church and Broadway House for Continuing Care.