Faith, Hope & Love: Building Safer & More Welcoming Congregations for LGBTQ+ Youth

For Sr. High Youth, Pastors, Youth Leaders, Parents, and other Congregational and Community Leaders!

Event information and online registration at:
Cost: $15 includes lunch (scholarships available for NJ Synod members)

Workshops offerings will include:
• Being a Young LGBTQ+ Person today
• How to become a Reconciling In Christ Congregation
• Introduction to Gender Identity & Expression
• Youth Ministry Leaders Training: Safety, Support & Strategies
• Lutheran Leaders and True Biblical Interpretation
• A Safe Space for Young People (for youth and young adults only)
• LGBTQ+ and Scripture 101
• My Kid “Came Out”! Now What?
• Health, Mental Health, & Substance Abuse Issues

Other offerings include:
• Resource tables
• Conversation Partners
• Worship
• Lunch & Snacks

Childcare available!

Scholarship and childcare
requests are made within the
online registration form.

$15.00 USD · Purchase tickets