Equalize - The Garden State Equality Podcast

Equalize is a monthly podcast from Garden State Equality that explores issues facing New Jersey's LGBTQ community and how Garden State Equality is moving equality forward.

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The Equalize Team


J Gonzalez-Goldstein, Host

J Gonzalez-Goldstein is a Jersey born and raised music producer. It is her belief that the best way to combat inequality is through education, the sharing of information, and unification. She's very excited to host this podcast and provide a platform for other voices in the LGBTQ community.


Genevieve Nelson, Audio Engineer

Genevieve Nelson is an audio engineer residing at the Jersey Shore. She has lived in New Jersey her whole life only leaving to study Music and Sound Recording at the University of New Haven. Genevieve believes very strongly in equality for everyone regardless of age, race, sexual or gender identity, religion, or lack of religion.


Jess Dresch, Producer

Jess Dresch is a New Jersey native and lover of Bruce Springsteen and the beach. She attends Ithaca College and would love to be a producer for a radio show in the future. She believes everyone should be loved and respected regardless of their sexuality, sexual orientation or gender identity. She plans on listening to people’s stories for the rest of her life.

Equalize's theme song and music were created by Jem Seidel.