Educators for Equality Meeting

We will be hosting our 3rd Educators for Equality Meeting on Saturday March 16th 2019 from 10AM – 1PM in Mancini Hall at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library.  The structure of this meeting will allow for plenty of socializing, networking, and collaboration.

We will have a short presentation from the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights (DCR) in the beginning of the meeting.  We will spend the rest of the meeting collaborating and socializing in an EdCamp format! If you have not been to an Ed Camp before, the model allows the participants to decide the topics of discussion.  The topics will be discussed in small groups, you may choose which group you select. Lastly, the participants are the facilitators which allows for authentic discussion.

Lastly, please share this information with friends and colleagues.  Educators for Equality continues to grow. There is strength in numbers!

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