Montclair Bounce Festival



Growing up, there’s family, there’s school, there’s the world online, and there’s “adulting” -- In Real Life.
High school and after can be exciting, stressful, full of ups-and-downs. It can seem like… a lot. But there’s
a lot you can do to get through, to build resilience and bounce!

IRL will feature peer-to-peer and expert guidance; live music by local favorite Tennis Boy Will and co.;
video, food, swag, and more.

The IRL Mini-Conference is a positive, something-for-everyone evening designed to help you:
 Recognize available mental health tools and resources
 Feel connected to a caring community
 Feel resilient!
 (Give yourself a pat on the back… and maybe even some high school credit*!!)


GSE will present a workshop on LGBTQ Resiliency for Youth at the Bounce festival. 


Visit to find out more information about this FREE event!