Gov. Murphy expands adoption access for LGBTQ parents!

As a mother, I’m absolutely elated today: Governor Murphy just signed legislation that will expand adoption access for LGBTQ parents!

When I went through the process of adopting my child a few years ago, it was a costly and legal nightmare: background checks, attorney fees, judicial hearings, home visits. The list — and bills — were never-ending.

Now in New Jersey, prospective parents who are LGBTQ can bypass the arduous, expensive confirmatory adoption process. Click here to read our resource kit and learn more!

It’s critical that New Jersey promotes strong family structures with LGBTQ-inclusive policies, and with Governor Murphy’s signature on this landmark legislation, parents can fully focus on building, protecting, and providing for their families.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work from community advocates Danni Newbury, Christy Wilson, Bill Singer, Esq., and Debra E. Guston, Esq. — as well as bill sponsors Senators Scutari, Codey, Greenstein, Gopal, and Ruiz and Assemblypersons Huttle, Quijano, and Kennedy.

This law will truly change the lives of our families for the better. Thanks for helping us make it happen and fighting with us day after day for LGBTQ families.

With gratitude,

Alisha De Lorenzo
Interim Deputy Director
Garden State Equality