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Call your state legislators to express your support for marriage equality

If you live in New Jersey, you are represented by one state Senator and two state Assembly members. To find out the names and phone numbers for your three legislators, click here.

You would call each of your three legislators separately. However, in some but not most districts, two or all three of the legislators representing the district actually share the same physical office and staff. In that case, tell the office you want to relay your opinion to all the legislators there.

To call any of your state legislators to express your views on an issue, rather than to seek a meeting, we suggest you keep your call as short as possible. When a staff member answers the phone at a legislative office, the staffer wants to log five things. You should say those five things immediately:

  1. Your name
  2. Your organizational or congregational affiliation, if any
  3. Where you are from – the staffer is particularly interested in whether you live in the district
  4. What issue you are calling about
  5. Where you stand on that issue
For example: “Hi, I’m Jane Doe and I’m a constituent of yours from anytown. I’m also a leader or pastor in xyz organization. I strongly believe in marriage equality and want the Senator/Assembly member to support it.”

To call any of your state legislators to seek a meeting, we strongly suggest you first email the office to ask for a meeting, and then follow up two business days later with a call. That is standard protocol for legislative offices, which typically ask you to put your request for a meeting in writing – so it makes sense to start out that way and follow up.

To find your legislators, click here.
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