BREAKING: Our headquarters attacked!

GARDEN STATE EQUALITY HEADQUARTERS IN ASBURY PARK ATTACKED IN WEEKEND ACT OF VANDALISM Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, March 4th, Garden State Equality statewide headquarters in Asbury Park was attacked and vandalized in an act of hatred against the LGBT community. Executive Director Christian Fuscarino was inside working at the time, but did not sustain injuries. "This kind of incident shows that hate knows no boundaries. It is not restricted by geography, even in a state as historically progressive as ours. While we have been shaken by this attack, the LGBT community in New Jersey will not be intimidated, nor will it be silenced. We will continue to fight for equality for all our members, and for any individual or group who finds themselves the victim of a similar hateful and dangerous act," said Fuscarino. Garden State Equality is working with the Asbury Park Police Department on identifying the attackers responsible. The attackers hit the door exactly where the rainbow flag was affixed and the organization expects the police should & will investigate it as an attack on all LGBT people. In the meantime, friends of Garden State Equality from across New Jersey are voicing their support for the organization in light of the attack. ‎"Garden State Equality is on the front lines of the fight to advance equality for all. An attack against any community is an attack against us all. I condemn acts of hate against all communities, whether Jewish, Muslim or LGBT, in the strongest possible terms. We must stand united with love against the ‎shadow of hate that has been cast over our great nation‎" said Senator Cory Booker (D) "Garden State Equality is a pillar of our community fighting to make sure every citizen of New Jersey has the respect and equal rights they deserve, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. There is no room for this kind of shameful violence, vandalism, or hate in New Jersey or anywhere in America. We stand with Garden State Equality and the LGBTQ community," said Congressman Donald Norcross (D) "As soon as I heard about this disturbing act at the offices of Garden State Equality, I called Christian to make sure everyone was ok. There is no room in our society for this. Period." said Congressman Tom MacArthur (R) "It is a sad time in our country when Americans must fear their neighbors, we must work to respect each other more than ever before. No American citizen should be targeted with violence, the LGBT community here in New Jersey should be as safe as any. All victimization makes each of us less safe, let's work to be vigilant and protective of each other" said Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D) "Asbury Park has been a haven for the LGBT community for decades. That vandalism does not represent the town as a whole & strengthens our resolve to stand with our gay, lesbian, bi, and trans brothers and sister." said Asbury Park Councilwoman Amy Quinn.

Help us protect LGBT youth in New Jersey's schools

A message from our Executive Director, Christian Fuscarino, about the Trump administration's guidance in schools: The Trump Administration has announced guidance that will negatively impact the lives of LGBT youth in schools. Like many of you, I cannot fathom why this is a priority for the administration, to attack those most vulnerable in our community, Trans youth. But, in this time of uncertainty, I can promise you that Garden State Equality will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our young people have a safe place to learn and grow into confident and educated adults. Here is what you need to know: Every day we fight hard for New Jersey's youth. We have been providing professional development trainings for teachers and staff and we have a great policy on transgender students that dozen of New Jersey schools have adopted. In response to Trump's guidelines, we will increase our efforts to provide appropriate policy consultation to administrators. This is key to keeping our students safe. Trans youth still have rights under Title IX. And you better believe we will advocate for transgender youth and their families in situations where they have faced discrimination in school. Here is what needs to happen in New Jersey immediately: We are done being bullied by the Christie administration. Now more than ever we need the NJ Department of Education to step up and issue statewide guidance on working with transgender students. Well over a year ago, Garden State Equality drafted the guidance for the state to adopt, we met numerous times with representatives of the NJ Department of Education to explain the importance of adopting the guidance, and they have refused to act. Connecticut and New York, along with nine other states and the District of Columbia have already issued guidance protecting transgender students. It is this type of inaction that recently rated New Jersey a "medium equality state" by the Movement Advancement Project. We are dedicated to this work, but I need your help now more than ever. Today we are launching the "Safe Schools Advocacy Club", where members like you can join to help us fight for our youth. As a member, you will be supporting our certified staff to work in schools to get the proper policies passed to protect our youth from the actions our Federal Government is taking to strip the rights of our young people. Become a member of our Safe Schools Advocacy Club right now. I need you. Our youth need you. Thank you for letting me be forward with you. There has never been a more important time. In solidarity, Christian Fuscarino

First full LGBT health clinic in New Jersey!

Today we take an important step forward as a community and a state, with the opening of the first full service LGBT health clinic. Robert Wood Johnson’s PROUD Family Health Clinic will serve "LGBTQIA" individuals and families, providing access to the services we need in our home state. RWJ recognizes that LGBT individuals have unique medical needs, and they are committed to providing for those needs in a safe and supportive environment. Prior to opening the PROUD Family Health Clinic, RWJ established a partnership with Garden State Equality to ensure that staff receive ongoing training in both cultural and clinical competencies. 1,100 employees have been trained so far! Continue reading

Sad day for American public education...

Everyday, Garden State Equality fights for the rights of New Jersey's most vulnerable students, working with families, educators, students, and school administrators to make our schools safer for LGBT youth. As the child of two public school teachers, a former educator, a historian, and a safe schools advocate, I know that an informed citizenry is the bedrock of democracy, and that quality public education is essential not only to our children's futures, but to the future of our country. There is no other way to put this: today is a sad day for American public education, and a sad day for our nation's children. Today, all but two Republican senators voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. In so doing they placed our public schools under the charge of an avowed enemy of public education. Continue reading

Joe Maldanado, a 8-year old Secaucus boy was kicked out of the Boy Scouts for being transgender

Garden State Equality stands with Joe Maldonado, an 8-year old Secaucus boy who was kicked out of the Boy Scouts for being transgender. We first met Joe in the summer of 2015, when his mom Kristie, a fierce advocate for her son, reached out to GSE for help in supporting Joe’s transition at school. We worked with his elementary school to ensure that Joe was able to attend school as a boy, providing policy consultation to administrators and professional development training for teachers and staff on working with transgender youth. Since that time we have continued to be an ally and resource to Joe’s family. Continue reading


NEW JERSEY’S LARGEST LGBT ORGANIZATION CALLS ON MEMBERS TO DIRECTLY TAKE DOWN GARRETT AND CLEANSE NEW JERSEY OF HATE GLEN ROCK, NJ - Garden State Equality (GSE), New Jersey’s largest organization dedicated to the rights of the LGBT community, is calling on it’s members and anyone who stands against homophobia to attend a “No Hate In Our State” rally on October 18th in Glen Rock, NJ at the Harding Plaza next to Glen Rock City Hall. The location is a highly visible choice being right next to a major commuter train station in Garrett’s district. The rally will begin at 6pm. Continue reading



Muslim-LGBTQ Unity Statement in Response to Divisive Rhetoric After Orlando Shooting

As members of the LGBTQ and Muslim communities in America, we are joined in solidarity, grief and outrage at the horrific attack that unfolded in Orlando on June 12. Our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims, their families and the LGBTQ communities, particularly LGBTQ Latino communities. Continue reading

Vigils for those killed or wounded in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub shooting

Garden State Equality has been diligently compiling data on the numerous vigils being held around the state in response to the horrific mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  Please visit the link below to find vigils in your area: Continue reading


Governor Christie’s recent nomination of anti-LGBT Ocean County Freeholder is a slap in the face to LGBT New Jerseyans and anyone who believes in a fair criminal justice system NEW JERSEY, MAY 11TH 2016 – Garden State Equality is dedicated to serving the best interests and well-being of the LGBT community and are deeply concerned about Governor Christie’s recent nomination of the anti-LGBT Jack Kelly. His history of discrimination would have devastating results to our justice system. Continue reading