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Bisexual Community

Two of the country’s best websites serving the bisexual community are the bisexuality issues page from The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the comprehensive website of BiNet USA.

The New York Area Bisexual Network lists organizations and activities throughout the region, including in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The Task Force has also issued a superb issue paper on bisexuality. As the paper states: “Popular conceptualizations of sexual orientation often present a strictly either/or perspective on intimate relationships and human sexuality: a person is either heterosexual or homosexual; a person is emotionally and sexually attracted to either women or men. However, research shows that human sexuality is much more fluid than the simple gay-straight binarism.”

As bisexual members of Garden State Equality point out, our fight for marriage equality in New Jersey is not about “gay marriage,” because that does not include bisexual people who want to marry a person of the same gender.

Furthermore, Garden State Equality, like others in the marriage equality movement, rejects the term “gay marriage” because we’re fighting for marriage, not something different or special called gay marriage. We want equality: No more, no less.

And that’s what members of the bisexual community want – free of prejudice from straight Americans and from other communities within the greater LGBT community.

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