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JUBILATION! President Obama endorses marriage equality

Steven Goldstein, Founder and Chair Emeritus,

In an interview with ABC News, President Obama has endorsed marriage equality for same-sex couples. His evolution is complete.

I am overwhelmed with tears of joy, as are millions of other LGBT people and our millions of allies across America. We will remember for the rest of our lives where we were when we heard the sitting President of the United States say he supports marriage equality.

Today’s announcement by the President is of particular importance to those of us fighting in New Jersey and everywhere else marriage equality is up for grabs. No longer will opponents such as Governor Chris Christie be able to take cover by saying, “Why are you going after me? My opposition to marriage equality is simply the same view as that of our President.”

That political cover is now thrown into the dustbin of history parked outside the archives of prejudice, collecting its rhetorical trash.

Short of when America becomes a land of marriage equality, this is the happiest day of our political lives. I’m on Cloud 18.

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